Will Bitcoin go back to $16,000?

Like everyone who has a stake in the bitcoin, I contemplated this question long and hard. I assume people who doesn’t have a stake in the bitcoin wouldn’t be so effortful in thinking about this. Perhaps this already answer part of the question. If it still didn’t convince you, allow me then, to make a […]


Being Mindful to Money

A good part of my day, solid 8 hours at least is used to make money, whether it is working in my corporate job, taking care of my side business or investment, or simply reading on things that may present me a new opportunity. Though the term, ‘make money’ sounds base, and it is as if I’m […]


Where’re the volatilities?

Ever since president Trump got on the throne, market has never been better. Bobbing heads on CNBC couldn’t stop talking about the volatility being at its historic low. I confess I had also playfully scooped up some calls on VIX a few days ago but was largely taking pleasure (pronounce as ‘pain’) to watch its value fades.